Teamwork Confidence Course

This four-week course will build on the critical skills learned in our Basic Training Course that will get the dog and handler prepared to start their agility journey. The Course graduation assessment focuses on the relationship between handler and dog and their ability to cope with distractions in a high energy environment.

PREREQUISITE: To be eligible to join this Course, handler and dog teams need to have completed our 8 week Basic training Course and have access to a 12 month subscription to Crate Games Online (or a Crate Games DVD).

We strongly recommend starting in our Basic Training Course to develop your skills and knowledge of the core elements to build behaviour. This allows you to focus on your relationship and your dog’s ability to deal with distractions in our Teamwork Confidence Course. However, if you feel that you have already mastered those skills you may apply to undertake a pre-TCC assessment. The assessment looks at core skills: on lead control of dog without corrections (verbal or physical), ability to reward with food & toy/food pouch, crate games (up to stage 3), confidence in restrained recalls/chase the squirrel, nose touch and perchwork. If you and your dog do well with these skills in the assessment, you will be invited into the next available Teamwork Confidence Course, otherwise you will be invited to enrol in our eight week Basic Training Course.  You will need to join the Club and pay an assessment fee in order to participate in the pre-TCC assessment.

Upon graduation of this Course you will be offered a spot in our Agility Foundations Course. If not, or if you would like to spend more time on building drive and control, you may repeat the Course. You progress as you and your dog are ready to do so.


Wednesday evenings, 6.45pm set up for 7.00pm start. Class duration is 1 hour.

Please email us for details of the next available intake of the Teamwork Confidence Course.


$50.00 prepaid (plus ADCQ membership fee if applicable)

To register

Email us at for more information on this Course.
Please note that current members who have come through our courses will be given priority entry into the Teamwork Confidence Course.