Agility Skills Course

This eight-week course will transition PNU and foundation work learned in the Agility Foundations Course to build strong understanding of skills for safe execution of agility equipment. There will be focus on building independent understanding of equipment/behaviours as well as handling moves. The course will also include training and building skills for weave poles and contact equipment. Graduation test for this course will be an option in Week Eight.

PREREQUISITE: To be eligible to join this course your dog needs to have successfully completed (and graduated from) the Agility Foundations course.

It is expected that participants will rotate through this course at least twice in order to be able to complete the extension activities for each exercise. Once you graduate from this course, you join the Beginner Handling sessions, held on Sundays at a cost of $5.00 per lesson. You progress as you and your dog are ready to do so.


Sunday evenings, 3.30 pm (for 4.00 pm start). Class duration is 1.5 hours.

Please check our Calendar for the next intake of the Agility Skills Course.


$80.00 prepaid (plus ADCQ membership fee if applicable)

Email us at for more information on this course.