Agility Foundations Course

Agility Foundations Course

Course Time:  Eight (8) lessonagility_dog_club_queensland_photo_page_3_03_nitro

Cost:                 $80.00 prepaid

Day:                 Sunday

Time:              6pm Set-up for 6.15pm start

Duration:       1 hour


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To work on all of the key foundation training that will get dog and handler heading in the right direction.  The course completion/graduation assessment includes a straight jump grid, single jump plus also tunnel, but most importantly focuses on relationship between handler and dog and core skills to be able to progress in your Agility journey.

PREREQUISITE – To be eligible to join this course your dog needs to be under control whilst on lead, and you are able to reward your dog (with food or toy/play).

If you graduate from the class then you join our Beginner Handling Course.  If not, or if you would like to spend more time on building strong foundations, you repeat the Course.  You progress as you and your dog are ready to do so.

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